"White on White. A film noir" by Eve Sussman y la Rufus Corporation

Yuri Gagarin’s Office. Eve Sussman.

El último proyecto de Eve Sussman y la Rufus Corporation es un film negro rodado en Kazakstan sobre la transición del comunismo al capitalismo. Ethan Zuckerman:

Se podría considerar un documental didáctico pero no lo es. Es un encantador y lírico film de arte y una historia de intriga. And I cannot wait to see it.

“White on White” tiene un diario de viaje en formato blog:

Moscow is just monstrously big. Big and wide, fat, monstrous and low, brash and intimidating. Like a bulldog in a thong and heels. The Humvees and the money pumping. Times Square and Vegas scattered throughout the Soviet blocks. Parallel retro-future in the accelerated progress of decline: rusty caged elevators; padded double-doors; strange magnetic-coded locks; underground street-crossings so the traffic never stops. Every car is a taxi-cab: you hail down anyone and pay them to take you anywhere. The subways descend to howling depths and grand subterranean dance halls illuminated by Victorian and Nouveau tube lights and chandeliers. God was great; God was good; now we go to work. Over-sized garbage cans hurtling through the black future-tunnels. Underground, underground, all we all go down and live inside the night of the new life. The new light. The white nights. Light speed now.

Y, si he entendido bien, estará del 23 al 28 de junio 2009 en el Festival Media Forum de Moscú.

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  1. laprima says:

    oye tronlk! como andas¿
    fijate por donde y te encuentro en un fotolog!
    si es q el intenne es un pañuelin!


  2. ptqk says:

    :-DDD si, has visto que foto más guapa! todo bien 😉

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