La versión pirata de la Bienal de Istambul. Bootleg of The 11th International Istanbul Biennial 2009

Todos los textos del catálogo, todas las obras de las exposiciones. Sin moverte de casa, sin coger aviones, sin esperar colas, sin pagar entradas. No es igual pero mola. Cortesía de la red.


BOOTLEG – antrepo no.3

BOOTLEG – greek school & tobacco warehouse


This is the 11th International Istanbul Biennial curators’ text. WHW

Twists and Turns Today. Darko Suvin

The Texts Introduction

Secularism and Politics in Iran

The Post-communist Robinson. Boris Buden

The Politics of Perception Art and the World Economy. Brian Holmes& Claire Pentecost

Somewhere Between an Office and a Stage a Dramaturg Leaves Her Room a Curator Enters a Play

Politics with a Mask: the end the origins and the possibilities of politics. Meltem Ahiska

On Brecht. Alain Badiou

On Brecht. Elin Diamond

Neither with nor without You. Sureyyya Evren

History is Real. Darko Suvin

Exit Strategies for Keeping Mankind Alive: Challenging Productivism in Contemporary Capitalism and Art. Stephen Wright

Dense Objects and Sentient Viewings: Contemporary Art Criticism and the Middle-east. Omnia El Shakry

Corporate Support on Art: A Vicious or Virtuous Cycle

Charity is a Legitimate Part of Our Culture. Ayse Bugra

Centennial Politics on Jameson on Brecht on Method. Darko Suvin

Can the Capitalist World Economy Survive the Rise of China. Minqi Li

Brecht and Latin America: Refunctioning Models. Luis Ignacio Garcia

Brecht’s Gesture. Mladen Dolar

Bloss Menschen or Something that Adorno Forgot and Brecht didn’t. Keti Chukhrov

This is an Excerpt From Bob Dylan’s book-Chronicles about his first encounter with Brecht’s song Pirate Jenny

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