"(Self) destruction is creation". Una mirada de género sobre las revueltas en Grecia

La versión en castellano aquí gracias a la Teclista que tiene mejor vista que yo 😉

Collective translation of a leaflet circulated in the occupied Athens School of Economics and elsewhere, written by the “girls in revolt”.

We won’t forget the night of December 6th that easily. Not because the assassination of Alexis was incomprehensible. State violence, as much as it might try to construct itself into more productive formations of sovereignty, will endlessly return to dear and archetypal forms of violence. It will always retain within its structure a state disobeying the modernist command for discipline, surveillance and control of the body – opting, rather, for the extermination of the disobedient body and chosing to pay the political cost coming with this decision.

When the cop shouts “hey, you”, the subject to which this command is directed and which turns its body in the direction of authority (in the direction of the call of the cop) is innocent by default since it responds to the voice reproaching it as a product of authority. The moment when the subject disobeys this call and defies it, no matter how low-key this moment of disobedience might be (even if it didn’t throw a molotov to the cop car but a water bottle) is a moment when authority loses its meaning and becomes something else: a breach that must be repaired. When the manly honour of the fascist-cop is insulted he may even kill in order to protect (as he himself will claim) his kids and his family. Moral order and male sovereignty – or else the most typical form of symbolic and material violence – made possible the assassination of Alexis; they proped the murder, produced its “truth” and made it a reality.

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