Activism Hacking Artivism (AHA)

La incombustible Tatiana Bazichelli, fundadora de Activism Hacking Artivism (AHA) organiza el próximo mes de octubre el ahaCamping en Venecia. Este es el texto de presentación:

Themes such as the analysis of Web 2.0 (in economical, social and technological terms), the relationships between artistic activities and digital technologies, and the linguistic and relational deconstruction of “communication” practices are just a few of the core themes of the meeting. The meeting aims to create nets, to enable the sharing of projects and to build new interventions for the future in artistic and technological fields. The ahaCamp therefore exists as a space whereby to discuss and share knowledge, with the objective of learning and sharing practices and knowledge in a free environment without censorship.

By adopting the same strategies of Hackmeetings (, the ahaCamping is organised and managed directly by the participants, who can suggest seminars or projects that they intend to share on the list as well as on the free and open wiki created especially for the occasion: a nomadic space that offers further possibilities other than the list in order to share projects, ideas, files, videos, documents, music, etc..

AHA:Activism-Hacking-Artivism is an artistic networking project founded in 2001 by Tatiana Bazzichelli aka T_Bazz. AHA is a networking operation created by diverse subjects and activated by contamination/integration of a multitude of media and events, where the common denominator is hacktivism and artistic and political activism. AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism focuses on the activist collectives in Italy and abroad that use media in an independent fashion, through exhibitions, events, and meetings organised by T_Bazz along with other curators that change accordingly.

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2 Responses to Activism Hacking Artivism (AHA)

  1. Rosita says:

    Hola chica, te acabo de descubrir y me encantas.
    Pásate por mi blog para saber más de los entresijos del mundo del arte, con una buena dosis de humor

  2. Anonymous says:

    Estimada ptqk
    Tú que de esto sabes mucho….
    ¿Quién es el jefe de la web 2.0?


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